LGIC 010 & PHIL 005

LGIC 010 & PHIL 005

Formal Logic I

Spring 2018

The LGIC 010 Textbook (UPDATED 2018.04.15)

Look for updates as the Term progresses.

Course Requirements and Grades

There will be nine problem sets with due dates specified in the Calendar linked below, examinations in class on Monday, February 12 and Monday, March 26, and a final examination on Thursday, May 3, 12:00-2:00 pm. 10% of the final grade will be based participation in the problem sessions, 20% on the problem sets, 40% on the exams in class, and 30% on the final exam. Collaboration on problem sets is encouraged. Conduct during examinations is governed by strict adherence to the University of Pennsylvania's Code of Acdemic Integrity.

Calendar of Class Meetings, Assignments, Examinations, and Schedule of Readings

Problem Sets and Practice Examinations