Undergraduate Academic Advising

Advising & Procedural Updates: COVID -19

At this time we are offering virtual advising for our undergraduate students and below are the different ways you can connect with our staff during this time:

CIS Undergraduate Advising (Laura and Desirae):

Email: cis-undergrad-advising@seas.upenn.edu

Zoom/Online Drop In Advising (ALL times are Eastern Standard Time: Philadelphia Time):

Desirae: Mon/Wed 12-2, Tue/Thu 10-12  HERE 

Laura: Mon/Wed 2-4, Tue/Thu 1-3   HERE


Zoom/Online appointment request (No appointments during advance registration):

Desirae: https://desirae.youcanbook.me/

Laura: https://laurafox.youcanbook.me/


Director of Integrated Studies – NETS, DMD, CMPE (Amy Calhoun)

Email/Online Appointments: cal1@seas.upenn.edu

Zoom/Online Drop In Hours: 

Mon – 10-12, 2-4 / Tue – 11-12, 1:30-2:30 / Thur – 2-4 

To connect to Amy during those times, please use this link: Drop in room


CIS Undergraduate Chair (Professor Joseph Devietti)

Email: cis-ugrad-chair@cis.upenn.edu


Director of Academic Advising (Lee Dukes)

Email: ldukes@seas.upenn.edu

Waitlist Information

Throughout the Summer we will be processing Fall 21 waitlists, it could be up until the first week of courses before you get admitted into a course. If you have any questions about the waitlist process then please let us know at ciswait@seas.upenn.edu. You can access the waitlists here!


Changes to Undergraduate Procedures & Forms

Please see the updated changes to SEAS procedures such as petition for action forms, declaring a minor, course substitution forms, etc. by visiting the RAS website.



How Advising Works

Upon entering the program, each student is given a faculty advisor who can answer questions you have about your program and who is responsible for monitoring your course selections and performance. The best way to get in touch with your advisor is via email or attend their office hours. Your CIS advisor is listed on PIT.

If you find that you are having problems with any course, please talk to the professor of the course as early as possible to see if there is some way to improve your performance. If this fails, talk to your academic adviser who may be able to point you to useful resources.

Please feel free to email the CIS advising staff with questions: cis-undergrad-advising@seas.upenn.edu.

CIS Advising Handbook

The CIS advising handbook is a repository of articles related to how to navigate through our program. Click the link below for more information: https://advising.cis.upenn.edu/index.php

AP Credit Information:

  • Score 5 on the Java CS AP-A exam, or score a 4-5 on the Java CS AP-AB exam, awards 1 CU for CIS 110.
  • All students must take CIS 120.

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