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New Data Science Building: Amy Gutmann Hall coming Fall 2024

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It was wonderful welcoming back Penn alumni who gave wonderful stories of their mentor, colleague, and friend. What a tremendous way to showcase Norm’s impact and contributions to the department. Happy Retirement Norm!!

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Fall 2022 Orientation for Penn Networked & Social Systems Engineering (NETS) students with Department Chair, Zachary Ives and Aaron Roth.

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Featured Stories

Aaron Roth Awarded 2023 Hans Sigrist Prize

Aaron Roth, a Professor of Computer Science and Cognitive Science at the University of Pennsylvania, has been awarded the prestigious Hans Sigrist Prize by the University of Bern.

Roth’s research, spanning over 15 years, has focused on critical issues such as algorithmic fairness and differential privacy. Algorithmic fairness is concerned with ensuring that algorithms do not perpetuate biases against specific demographic groups, particularly in areas like job applications. Roth highlights the importance of careful algorithm design to avoid unintentional bias based on historical data.

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PACT, Summer 2023

“Picture a room full of students hard at work on math problems. Some draw graphs on the chalkboard, testing out algorithms. Others shuffle complicated algebraic expressions, trying to simplify a summation. Still, others stare intently at a piece of paper, trying to find the one necessary final lemma to complete a proof or to understand a recent result.

The students are all working hard, but they are also having fun, as the air is ripe with the excitement of discovery. These are not college students, though they are studying at a college campus, and learning material that is not normally taught until the undergrad or even the graduate level. Rather, these are mostly high school students, spending their summer learning and enjoying themselves, studying theoretical computer science.” Created by the PACT team, https://algorithmicthinking.org/

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Grace Murray Hopper: Pioneering the Digital Frontier

Born in 1906 in the bustling heart of New York City, Grace Murray Hopper emerged as a trailblazing figure in the world of computer science. Her academic journey began at Vassar College, where she graduated in 1928 with degrees in Mathematics and Physics. Hopper furthered her education with a Master’s in Mathematics from Yale in 1930, later becoming a pioneering force in the male-dominated field.

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In the Spotlight: Mingmin Zhao and Building a Bridge Between Machine Learning and Monitoring Health

One of the Assistant Professor’s who has joined both CIS and ESE this past Fall is Mingmin Zhao, an MIT graduate with a PhD focusing on building wireless sensing systems with artificial intelligence. The collaboration between CIS and a number of departments at Penn is what encouraged Zhao to further his research and teaching career here.

“Penn provides a fertile ground for interdisciplinary research not only within the CIS department but also with other departments, including ESE, medical school, nursing school, etc.” said Zhao, “I am very excited about collaborating with people at Penn and working on highly-impactful interdisciplinary research.”

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Women In Data Science Conference 2023

On Friday, February 3rd, the fourth annual Women in Data Science Conference was held in Perry World House welcoming speakers from Zillow, TikTok, and Party City. For the first time since the pandemic, attendees joined us on campus for in-person talks showcasing the latest advances in data science, speaker Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities.

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The C.I.S. Blog Presents- "DALL-E Art Gallery"

To showcase this AI system and what it can do I had asked all students from the C.I.S. department, from Undergrad to Ph.D., to send in the descriptions that they prompted and to have fun with it.

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In the Spotlight: Osbert Bastani and Integrating Machine Learning into Real-world Settings

“Penn has a great group of faculty working on interesting research problems, and they are all incredibly supportive of junior faculty. I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with Penn CIS faculty in a range of disciplines, from programming languages to NLP to theory, and I hope to have the chance to collaborate with many more.” (Osbert Bastani)

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The ASSET Center: Enabling Trust Between AI and its User

Picture this: you’re getting ready to watch a movie on Netflix, popcorn in hand, and several films pop up that have been curated just for you. What are you going to do: choose one from the list recommended by the underlying AI algorithm, or worry about how this list was generated and whether you should trust it? Now, think about when you are at the doctors’ office and the physician decides to consult an online system to figure out what dosage of medicine you as the patient should take. Would you feel comfortable having a course of treatment chosen for you by artificial intelligence? What will the future of medicine look like where the doctor is not involved at all in making the decision?

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In the Spotlight: Eric Wong and Developing Debuggable AI-Systems

What happens when AI goes wrong? Probably not the Terminator or the Matrix – despite what Hollywood suggests – but rather, something that could still harm a human, such as a self-driving car that gets into an accident, or an algorithm that discriminates against certain people. Fortunately Penn has innovative researchers like Eric Wong, who build tools to make sure AI works correctly!

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CIS News

Yecheng (Jason) Ma Named Apple Scholar in AIML

04.08.2024 | Read More

Chris Callison-Burch Talks Empowering Tomorrow’s AI Engineers

04.03.2024 | Read More

The 2024 Penn Engineering Student Choice Awards

04.01.2024 | Read More

CIS Events

ASSET Seminar: “Statistical Methods for Trustworthy Language Modeling” (Tatsu Hashimoto, Stanford University)

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Entrepreneurship Seminar Series: Pathways to Impact

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ASSET Seminar: “Lifelong Learning for Autonomous Systems: Progress and Challenges” (Eric Eaton, University of Pennsylvania)

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