Camillo “CJ” Taylor, professor in CIS, is leading a team in the DARPA SubT Challenge. Teams competing in the SubT Challenge are tasked with creating a robotics system that can successfully navigate underground tunnels, urban transportation systems and natural caves. GRASP Lab members and their students have joined forces with Exyn Technologies and Ghost Robotics, two GRASP Lab spin-offs, to secure their place as one of seven DARPA-funded teams in their track of the SubT Challenge.

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Professor Ani Nenkova providing in-depth, one-on-one instruction.

Computer and Information Science Department Chair Zachary Ives shows Levine Hall in

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Have an e-drink and take notes: CIS’ Arvind Bhusnurmath talks the MCIT Bar

“What bar in the world has a bunch of nerds hanging out and doing stuff on whiteboards?” CIS Senior Lecturer and MCIT Director Arvind Bhusnurmath poses this as a rhetorical question.

The short answer is, one co-created by Bhusnurmath himself, and MCIT Program Coordinator Redian Furxhiu.

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In celebration of ENIAC

On February 15, the global computing community celebrated the 75th anniversary of the launch of “Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer,” or ENIAC for short. The machine, unveiled here at Penn in 1946, was the world’s first all-electronic, programmable computer.

This year, computer museum Compuseum hosted a site that allowed orgs to collaborate for a week’s worth of events, including Penn Engineering’“ENIAC Day: 75th Anniversary of ENIAC Mini-Symposium.”

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Academic Revolution: Professor Sharath Guntuku believes in the power of the interdisciplinary

Professor Sharath Guntuku has not only been deepening his photography skills while working from home this past year, he’s also been reading a whole lot. Of Malcolm Gladwell, specifically.

“I’m really amazed by how he uses data to tell stories,” said Sharath. “That makes a lot of sense to me.”

Although he’s worked with UPenn as early as 2017, Sharath was brought onboard the CIS team as a Research Assistant Professor in May 2020. According to him, one of the most appealing and challenging aspects of the Penn CIS program is its lush interdisciplinary environment.

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Doctorates do Valentine's!

First-year CIS PhD student Alyssa Hwang was yearning for a bit of connection when she decided a Valentine’s Day celebration was in order.

“I kind of wanted an excuse to have a party and get together with everyone,” said Hwang. “I like having these big get-togethers on Zoom because it’s fun and I also get to meet people.”

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Prof. Thomas Farmer steps up as MCIT Online Program Director

Professor Thomas Farmer has served the CIS and ESE Departments as a lecturer in some capacity for almost a decade. Now CIS is pleased to announce that, in addition to to his role as Senior Lecturer, Prof. Farmer has stepped into the role of Program Director for MCIT Online.

His course CIS 593, “Introduction to Computer Systems,” is a student favorite and, according to CIS Department Chair Zach Ives, “one of the highest rated courses in MCIT Online.”

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CIS News

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