Camillo “CJ” Taylor, professor in CIS, is leading a team in the DARPA SubT Challenge. Teams competing in the SubT Challenge are tasked with creating a robotics system that can successfully navigate underground tunnels, urban transportation systems and natural caves. GRASP Lab members and their students have joined forces with Exyn Technologies and Ghost Robotics, two GRASP Lab spin-offs, to secure their place as one of seven DARPA-funded teams in their track of the SubT Challenge.

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CIS News

Penn, Purdue, UC Merced and UF Partner on New $26M NSF Engineering Research Center for the Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture

08.04.2020 | Read More

Pennovation Accelerator Moves Online

07.23.2020 | Read More

Navigating ‘Information Pollution’ With the Help of Artificial Intelligence

07.20.2020 | Read More

Featured Stories

Penn Engineering’s “Summer Reading” program encourages Penn community to share its stories

Penn’s School of Engineering has issued a call for submissions from the Penn community’s staff, students and faculty alike. In the midst of a global pandemic, heightened tensions due to police brutality and systemic injustice, and looming economic crisis, Penn Engineering wants to provide opportunities for staff and students to share how they are coping, how they are thriving and what the summer may bring for them.

CIS Lecturer and MCIT Alumnus Brandon Krakowsky speaks to how MCIT changed his life

In their latest installment of informative presentations, Penn Engineering Online Learning invited musician and CIS community member Brandon Krakowsky to discuss how the MCIT program led him to various opportunities within the world of Penn.

CIS community members’ latest platform uses language to help cut through COVID misinfo

Putting in the work to sort reliable info on the internet from the not so reliable requires an amount of time that most of us just don’t have available. With the subsequent pressures of COVID-19 weighing on society, that time is a more valuable resource than ever.

Why Penn CIS?

The Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) at Penn Engineering is uniquely positioned to propel future intellectual leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators to success.  As an Ivy League institution, and the first university in the nation, The University of Pennsylvania ensures its students a transformative experience. Computer science at Penn comes in a variety of forms to meet your specific interests.

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