Computer and Cognitive Science (ASCC) Degree

This degree has been archived and is no longer an option for new students. New students are encouraged to consider the BSE in Computer and Information Science, which, starting in Fall 2020 will offer multiple opportunities to blend computer science and cognitive science through concentrations.  In the future we expect these tracks to offer more flexibility and depth.

Cognitive science is a science of mental information processing that requires collaborative research in several disciplines. In the cognitive science program at Penn Engineering, the opportunity exists for studying a diversity of subjects which satisfy personal desires, developing a broad foundation for adapting to new societal demands, and maintaining flexibility for moving into new areas of interest if a change in personal career direction develops.

The BAS Degrees require students to combine knowledge of technology with an understanding of human and social values. They are designed for students who do not plan to work as professional engineers, and want a customized education which combines the liberal arts and technology in a manner unique to their career goals.