Student Groups

Computer Science Society (CSS)

In addition to the rich collection of student associations, clubs, athletic events, music and drama opportunities offered throughout the University, the CIS Department sponsors CSS, an undergraduate computer science society which hosts social events for the department, professional and research lectures, and general interest events.

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WICS is an undergraduate student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania that aims to support and promote women in computer science by raising awareness of issues they face and fostering communication and a sense of community among them. WICS also aims to help and encourage women to pursue a college degree and a successful career in a Computer Science related field.

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Undergraduate Chair’s Advisory Board provides a means for students to have an impact on the shaping of the Computer Science Department and curriculum. Its students are motivated to improving the department and making it a more enjoyable and social experience, both in and out of class. Students who want to contribute their ideas for new courses, social events and other departmental events are highly encouraged to apply.

CIS Alumni Advisory Board

The purpose of this board is to provide timely feedback to the CIS department regarding the undergraduate program from the perspective of alumni. The board will provide advice and recommendations regarding the structure and content of the CS curriculum. It may also provide input regarding other issues it feels materially impact the experience of Penn CS undergraduates. The committee will consider how effectively the CIS undergraduate programs prepare our students for postgraduate education and for careers both within the field of computing and beyond. The committee will endeavor to identify ways in which the program could be enhanced and improved.


Penn SIGGRAPH is a student chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH at the University of Pennsylvania whose interests is in computer graphics range from 3D visual effects to game design. Our mission is to promote an increased knowledge of, and greater interest in, the educational, artistic, and scientific aspects and applications of modern computing in computer graphics as well as to provide a means of communication between persons having an interest in computer graphics.

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CIS Senior Dinner

This event was established to celebrate the accomplishments and graduation of our senior computer science students.  Seniors get to suggest venues for this affair and are welcome to roast the faculty.

Study Abroad

Exchange programs have been established at several accredited international institutions. Students gain University credit while studying abroad. For further details, visit Penn Global.

Undergraduate Program:

Your CIS Contacts:

Jessica Kimpel
Academic Advisor
Office: 308 Levine

Rob Lee
Academic Advisor
Office: 308 Levine

Laura Fox
Associate Director
Office: 309 Levine
Phone: 215-898-3191

Lee Dukes
Sr. Director of Academic Affairs
Office: 361 Levine

Dr. Joseph Devietti
Undergraduate Curriculum Chair
Office: 572 Levine