Teaching Assistant Information


Students interested in becoming a teaching assistant (TA) must either email Penn Engineering Financial Services (PEFS) or stop in the office in 299 Towne.

NOTE: In order to be paid, you must visit PEFS to provide the paperwork needed to establish your payroll record for this position. The start date of your employment or re-employment in this position will be effective only when you have provided all of the necessary payroll documents to the office. You cannot be paid for any time worked prior to receipt of documents establishing your right to work.

Time sheets must be submitted on a weekly basis.

Assignment Guidelines

Below are the guidelines for assignment of teaching assistants for classes.

35 – 70 students thirty TA hours
70-105 students forty-five TA hours
105-140 students sixty TA hours
15 – 35 students fifteen TA hours

Hours per week to be arranged but should be ten hours or less.


TAs needing the textbooks for the course they are assisting with can obtain a voucher to use at the bookstore from the Towne Business Office (Towne 293).

Options for TAs needing space for office hours: