Data Science (DATS) Minor

The requirement for the DATS minor is 6 course units (cu) which include:

  • CIS 120 Programming Languages and Techniques
  • CIS 419 Introduction to Machine Learning OR STAT 471 Modern Data Mining or CIS 520 Machine Learning
  • NETS 212 Scalable and Cloud Computing OR CIS 545 Big Data Analytics
  • ESE 301 Engineering Probability or ENM 321 Engineering Statistics or ESE 402 Statistics for Data Science or STAT 430 Probability or STAT 431 Statistical Inference*
  • Data Science elective from two of the below categories**
  • Data Science elective from two of the below categories**

Please make sure that two electives are from two different categories. Students cannot take both CIS419/519 and CIS520.
*STAT 101, 102 and ECON 103, 104 do not count as a substitute for the STAT requirement STAT 430, 431.

Data-Centric Programming Category** (Select one course)
CIS 105 Computational Data Exploration
ENGR 105 Introduction to Scientific Computing
OIDD 311 Business Computer Languages
STAT 470 Data Analytics and Statistical Computing
ESE 305 Foundations of Data Science
STAT 405 Statistical Computing with R


Statistics Category ** (Select one course)
MATH 430 Introduction to Probability
ESE 301 Engineering Probability
EAS 205 Linear Algebra
CIS 261 Probability, Stochastic Processes, and Statistical Inference
STAT 430 Probability
BIOL 446 Statistics for Biologists
STAT 476 Applied Probability Models in Marketing


Data Collection, Representation, Management and Retrieval Category** (Select one course)
CIS 450/550 Database and Information Systems
CIS 455 Internet and Web Systems
NETS 213 Crowdsourcing and Human Computation
OIDD 105 Developing Tools for Data Access and Analysis (VBA and SQL Programming)
STAT 434 Financial and Economic Time Series
STAT 475 Sample Survey Design


Data Analysis Category** (Select one course)
CIS 419/519 Introduction to Machine Learning
or CIS 520 Machine Learning
CIS 430 Introduction to Human Language Technology
CIS 421 Artificial Intelligence
MKTG 212 Data and Analysis for Marketing Decisions
MKTG 309 Special Topics: Experiments for Business Decision Making
OIDD 410 Decision Support Systems
STAT 422 Predictive Analytics
STAT 435 Forecasting Methods for Management
STAT 471 Modern Data Mining
STAT 474 Modern Regression for the Social, Behavioral and Biological Sciences
STAT 520 Applied Econometrics I


Modeling Category** (Select one course)
NETS 312 Theory of Networks
MKTG 271 Models for Marketing Strategy
OIDD 325 Computer Simulation Models
OIDD 353 Mathematical Modeling and its Application in Finance
STAT 433 Stochastic Processes

To apply for a DATS minor, students should complete the Application for a Minor form online.

DATS Minor Contacts:

Staci Kaplan
Program Coordinator
Office: 308 Levine
Phone: 215-573-2431

Dr. Susan Davidson
Office: 566 Levine

Undergraduate Program:

Your CIS Contacts:

Jessica Kimpel
Academic Advisor
Office: 308 Levine

Rob Lee
Academic Advisor
Office: 308 Levine

Laura Fox
Associate Director
Office: 309 Levine
Phone: 215-898-3191

Lee Dukes
Director of Advising
Office: 308 Levine

Dr. Joseph Devietti
Undergraduate Curriculum Chair
Office: 572 Levine