CIS 610, Spring 2005

Advanced Geometric Methods in Computer Science

Additional Class(es): Monday April 25, noon to 2:00pm
Tuesday April 27, 2:00-3:30pm
Same class room (Towne 309)

This version (Spring 2005) will be devoted mostly to

Group Actions, Manifolds, Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, Riemannian Manifolds, with Applications to Computer Vision and Robotics

One of our main goals will be to build enough foundations to understand some recent work in 2D-Shape Analysis, Diffusion tensors and Shape statistics (in medical imaging).

In particular, among our ultimate goals, we aim to discuss some work of David Mumford:

** 2D-Shape Analysis using Conformal Mappings   (pdf) ,

Thomas Fletcher and Sarang Joshi:

** Principal geodesic analysis on symmetric spaces: statistics of diffusion tensors   (pdf)   and

Thomas Fletcher, Conglin Lu and Sarang Joshi:

** Statistics of shape via principal geodesic analysis on Lie groups   (pdf)


** Jianbo Shi and Kostas Daniilidis will make guest appearances!

Course Information
January 3, 2005


Towne 309, M,W, noon-1:30pm


Jean H. Gallier, MRE 476, 8-4405, jean@saul

Office Hours: , or TBA



Basic Knowledge of linear algebra and geometry (talk to me).


There will be no official textbook(s) but I will use material from several sources including my book (abbreviated as GMA)


Problem Sets (4 or 5), project(s), or presentation.

A Word of Advice :

Expect to be held to high standards, and conversely! In addition to transparencies, I will distribute lecture notes. Please, read the course notes regularly, and start working early on the problems sets. They will be hard! Take pride in your work. Be clear, rigorous, neat, and concise. Preferably, use a good text processor, such as LATEX, to write up your solutions. You are allowed to work in small teams of at most three. We will have special problems sessions, roughly every two weeks, during which we will solve the problems together. Be prepared to present your solutions at the blackboard. I am hard to convince, especially if your use blatantly ``handwaving'' arguments.

Brief description:

This course covers some basic material on (Riemannian) manifolds, group actions, Lie groups and Lie algebras, keeping in mind applications of these theories to computer vision, medical imaging, robotics, machine learning and control theory. The treatment will be rigorous but I will try very hard to convey intuitions and to give many examples illustrating all these concepts.

Tentative Syllabus

Next semester (Spring 2005), I intend to cover (1)-(7) below. Depending on time, I would like to cover (8) (which deals with the purely ``topological side'' of (5)) but I don't know if this will be possible!
  1. Review of spectral theorems in Euclidean geometry and Hermitian spaces (Chapter 11 of GMA)
  2. Review of singular value decomposition (SVD), polar form, least squares and PCA (Chapter 12 of GMA)
  3. Basics of classical groups (Chapter 14 of GMA)
    • The exponential map. The groups GL(n,\reals), SL(n,\reals), O(n,\reals), SO(n,\reals), the Lie algebras gl(n, \reals), sl(n, \reals), o(n), so(n) and the exponential map.
    • Symmetric matrices, symmetric positive definite matrices and the exponential map.
    • The groups GL(n,\complex), SL(n,\complex), U(n), SU(n), the Lie algebras gl(n, \complex), sl(n, \complex), u(n), su(n) and the exponential map.
    • Hermitian matrices, Hermitian positive definite matrices and the exponential map.
    • The group SE(n), the Lie algebra se(n) and the exponential.
    • ``Baby theory'' of Lie groups and Lie algebras
    Items (4)-(6) and (8) below will be taken from GAMLGLA.
  4. Review of Groups and Group Actions
    • Groups
    • Group Actions and Homogeneous Spaces, I
    • The Lorentz Groups O(n, 1), SO(n, 1) and SO_0(n, 1)
    • More on O(p, q)
    • Topological Groups
  5. Manifolds, Tangent Spaces, Cotangent Space
    • Manifolds
    • Tangent Vectors, Tangent Spaces, Cotangent Spaces
    • Tangent and Cotangent Bundles, Vector Fields
    • Submanifolds, Immersions, Embeddings
    • Integral Curves, Flow, One-Parameter Groups
  6. Lie Groups, Lie Algebra, Exponential Map
    • Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
    • Left and Right Invariant Vector Fields, Exponential Map
    • Homomorphisms, Lie Subgroups
    • The Correspondence Lie Groups--Lie Algebras
    • More on the Lorentz Group SO_0(n, 1)
    • More on the Topology of O(p, q) and SO(p, q)
    Item (7) will be taken from Kuhnel's book and do Carmo's first book (listed below).
  7. Introduction to Riemannian Manifolds
    • Riemannian Metrics
    • Affine connections
    • Riemannian connections
    • Geodesics
    • Curvature (tensor, sectional, Ricci), if time permits!
  8. Introduction to Combinatorial Topology, if time permits!
    • Review of basic affine concepts (affine combinations, affine independence, affine frames).
    • Simplices and simplicial complexes
    • Topology of simplicial complexes, stars, links
    • Pure complexes, triangulations
    • Combinatorial surfaces and triangulations
    • Delaunay Triangulations

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Geometry And Music

In mathematics, and especially in geometry, beautiful proofs have a certain ``music.'' I will play short (less than 2mn) pieces of classical music, or Jazz, whenever deemed appropriate by you and me!

Some Slides and Notes

Papers and Talks Suitable for a Project

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