CSCI Degree Requirements

Entered Fall 2020 or later

Math and Natural Science (9 CU)

MATH 104
MATH 114
CIS 160
CIS 261 or ESE 301 or ENM 321 or Stat 430
MATH 240, 312, 313, or 314

Math or Natural Science Elective

PHYS 150/170, or MEAM 110+147
PHYS 151/171, or ESE 112

Engineering (14 CU)

CIS 110
CIS 120
CIS 121
CIS 240
CIS 262
CIS 320

CIS 380
CIS 471

CIS 400 or CIS 410
CIS 401 or CIS 411

CIS Elective
CIS Elective
CIS Elective
CIS Elective

A CIS elective is a CIS or NETS engineering course numbered 100 or above, or ESE 350. (Note that not all CIS/NETS courses are engineering courses; please see the SEAS Undergraduate Handbook.) At most one CU of 1xx courses may be used as CIS Electives.

The CIS and Tech Electives must include a course from each of the following lists (notice that courses can be in multiple lists):

Networking: NETS 150, 212; CIS 331, 455, 505, 553
Databases: CIS 450, 455, 545
Distributed systems: NETS 212; CIS 441, 450, 505, 545
Machine learning/AI: CIS 419, 421, 520, 545, 620
Project: NETS 212; CIS 341, 350, 441, 450, 455, 460, 505, 553; ESE 350

Tech Elective (6 CU)

(Dept. Approval Required)

May contain at most one course numbered 1xx. You may use 1) courses from a declared concentration, and/or 2) courses approved by the Department. In general, approved courses will be advanced courses that are rigorous/quantitative and have at least one nontrivial prerequisite. See the CIS web site for a list of approved courses.

Tech Elective
Tech Elective
Tech Elective
Tech Elective
Tech Elective
Tech Elective

Social Sci & Humanities (7 CU)

EAS 203
Social Science (SS) or Humanities (H)
SS or H
SS or H
SS or H
SS, H, or Technology, Business, and Society (TBS)
SS, H, or TBS

The courses must include a writing seminar:
Writing Seminar

Please see the SEAS Undergraduate Handbook for a list of writing seminars that can be counted as an SS or H course.

Free Elective (1 CU)

Free Elective