Your CIS Contacts:

Desirae Cesar
Associate Director
Office: 309 Levine
Phone: 215-573-2582

Laura Fox
Associate Director
Office: 309 Levine
Phone: 215-898-3191

Dr. Andreas Haeberlen
Undergraduate Curriculum Chair
Office: 560 Levine
Phone: 215-746-6167

Computer Science (CSCI) Minor

Non-computer science students can minor in Computer Science. The requirement for the CSCI minor is 6 course units (cu) which includes:

  • CIS 110 - Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CIS 120 - Programming Languages and Techniques I 
  • CIS 121 - Programming Languages and Techniques II 
  • CIS 160 - Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
  • Any CIS Engineering Elective**
  • Any CIS Engineering Elective 200 level and above**

Please Note:  CIS 110 may be included ONLY if it was taken before taking CIS 120.

To apply for a CSCI minor, click here

**A CIS Elective is any CIS or NETS engineering course. The Engineering Undergraduate Handbook defines all CIS and NETS classes numbered 1XX-5XX to be engineering courses, with the following exceptions: CIS 100, 101, 105, 106, 125, 160, and 261. These courses do not count as CIS engineering classes. Additionally, the following course may be used to satisfy a CIS Elective requirement: ESE 350. For further clarification, see the Undergraduate Student Handbook.