CIS 610, 2011

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Some Historical and Leading Figures

David Hilbert,

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Recent Papers Relevant to the Course Material

  • Geodesic Methods in Computer Vision and Graphics,
    book chapter by Peyre', Pe'chaud, Keriven and Cohen, 2010   (pdf)

  • Straightest Geodesics on Polyhedral Surfaces, by
    Polthier and Schimes, SIGGRAPH06   (pdf)

  • Geodesic-based Modeling on Manifold Triangulations, by
    Dimas Morera, 2006   (pdf)

  • The Discrete Geodesic Problem, by Mitchell, Mount, and Papadimitriou, 1987   (pdf)

  • Discrete Laplace Operators: No Free Lunch, by Wardetzky, Mathur, Kalberer, and Grinspun, 2007   (pdf)

  • Construction of C^{\infty} Surfaces from Triangular Meshes Using Parametric Pseudo-Manifolds.
    Jean Gallier, Marcelo Siqueira and Dianna Xu.   (pdf)
    April 2008. Revised May 2009.

  • A new construction of smooth surfaces from triangle meshes
    using parametric pseudo-manifolds, 2009
    J. Gallier, M. Siqueira, D. Xu, L.G. Nonato, D.M. Morera and L. Velho   (pdf)

  • Exact Geodesics and Shortest Paths on Polyhedral Surfaces
    M. Balusubramanian, J. Polimeni and E Schwartz, 2009   (pdf)

  • Computing Geodesics and Minimal Surfaces via Graph Cuts
    Y. Boykov and V. Kolmogoro, 2003   (pdf)

  • Geodesic Flow on Polyhedral Surfaces
    K. Polthier and M. Schmies, 1999   (pdf)

  • Tutorial on Discrete Ricci Flow for Global Parametrizations
    David Gu, Feng Luo, and S.T. Yau, 2005   (pdf)

  • Combinatorial Ricci Curvature for Image Processing
    E. Saucan, E. Appleboim, G. Wolanski and Y. Zeevi, 2009?   (pdf)

  • Robust Statistics over Riemannian Manifolds for Computer Vision
    Raghav Subbarao, 2008   (pdf)

  • Smooth Feature Lines on Surface Meshes
    K. Hildebrandt, K. Polthier and M. Wardetzky, 2005   (pdf)

  • Computing Geodesics Paths on Manifolds
    R. Kimmel and J. Sethian (1998)   (pdf)

  • Differential Representations for Mesh Processing
    Olga Sorkine, 2006   (pdf)

  • Laplacian Mesh Optimization
    A.Nealan, T. Igarashi, Olga Sorkine, and M. Alexa, 2006   (pdf)

  • Laplacian Mesh Processing
    Olga Sorkine, 2005   (pdf)

  • Laplacian, Surface Editing
    Olga Sorkine, D. Cohen-Or, Y. Lipman, M. Alexa, C. Rossl, and H.P. Seidel, 2004   (pdf)

  • Discrete Differential-Geometry Operators for Triangulated 2-Manifolds
    M. Meyer, M. Desbrun, P.Schroder, and A. Barr, 2000?   (pdf)

  • Implicit Fairing of Irregular Meshes using Diffusion and Curvature Flow
    M. Desbrun, M. Meyer, P. Schroder, and A. Barr, 1999   (pdf)

  • Learning the structure of manifolds using random projections
    Y.Freund, S. Dasgupta, M. Kabra, and N. Verma, 2008?   (pdf)

  • A Survey of Manifold-Based Learning Methods
    X. Hou, X. Ni and A. Smith, 2005?   (pdf)

  • Manifold Learning and Representations for Image Analysis and Visualization
    Anders Brun, 2006   (pdf)

  • Hessian Eigenmaps: new locally linear embedding techniques for bigh-dimensional data
    D.a Donoho andC. Grimes, 2002?   (pdf)

  • An Introduction to Manifold Methods
    P. Niyogi and M. Belkin   (pdf)

  • Semi-Supervised Learning on Riemannian Manifolds
    M. Belkin and P. Niyogi, 2004   (pdf)

  • Morse Theory (11 pages from Milnor's book)   (pdf)

  • Morse Theory for Implicit Surface Modeling,
    John Hart (1997?)   (pdf)

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