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Date Class Due Notes
Aug 29 Introduction Introduction to Class, Motivation, Logistics
Aug 31 ML Review I Supervised Learning, Binary Classifiers
Aug 31 ML Review II Loss Minimization, SVM and Logistic Regression
Sep 05 Multiclass Classification Multiclass Classification - Global and Local Views
Sep 07 Self Study (No Class) Required Reading Try running Illinois-SL and its examples for next lecture.
HW0 Solution Released.
Sep 12 Structured Prediction Basics Required Reading Introduction to Structured Prediction, Structured Perceptron
Sep 14 Self Study (No Class) Required Reading
Sep 19 Discussion led by Dan. Refer
  • Introduction to Structures
  • Sequences
  • for today's lecture.
    Paper Assignments for Presentation will be released by tomorrow evening.
    Sep 21 Self Study (No Class) Required Reading The longer (JMLR) version of the Tsochantaridis paper is in the list of papers. You should read it after reading the ICML version for better understanding.
    Sep 26 Structured Learning 1st Critical Survey Due Presentations
    Structured Perceptron with Inexact Search
    Conditional Random Fields Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data
    Sep 28 Structured Learning (Contd.) Project Proposals Due Presentations
    Cutting-Plane Training of Structural SVMs
    Pranking with Ranking
    Oct 03 Learning and Inference with Constrained Output Presentations
    Global Inference for Entity and Relation Identification via a Linear Programming Formulation
    Learning and Inference over Constrained Output
    Learning with Structured Inference
    Oct 05 Fall Break
    Oct 10 Introduction to ILP Inference Presentations
    Integer Linear Programming Inference for Conditional Random Fields
    Structured Learning paradigm and ILP Inference.
    Oct 12 Latent Representations Presentations
    Guiding Semi-Supervision with Constraint-Driven Learning
    Constrained EM, Background on EM and Posterior Reg.
    Oct 17 Project Progress Discussion 2nd Critical Survey Due Technical Discussion
    Oct 19 Latent Representations (Contd.) Presentations
    Learning Structural SVMs with Latent Variables
    Structured Output Learning with Indirect Supervision
    Oct 24 Latent Representation Technical Discussion Discussion
    Latent Representations and Implementing Latent-SSVM in Illinois-SL
    Oct 26 No Class Please come to project meeting on 27th October
    Oct 31 ILP Applications Presentations
    On Amortizing Inference Cost for Structured Prediction
    Relational Inference for Wikification
    ILP Applications
    Nov 02 Mid-Semester Project Presentation
    Nov 07 Search-based Structured Prediction Presentations
    Search Based Structured Prediction
    Nov 09 Search-based Structured Prediction (contd.) Presentations
    S-MART Novel Tree-based Structured Learning Algorithms Applied to Tweet Entity Linking
    Learning to Search Better than Your Teacher
    Nov 14 Structured Sparsity and Optimization 3rd Critical Survey Due Presentations
    Structured Sparsity in Structured Prediction
    Sparsity as Structure
    Nov 16 Deep Learning Presentations
    A Unified Architecture for Natural Language Processing Deep Neural Networks with Multitask Learning
    Sequence-to-sequence learning as beam-search optimization
    Nov 21 Thanksgiving Break
    Nov 23 Thanksgiving Break
    Nov 28 Deep Learning (contd.) Presentations
    Segmental Recurrent Neural Networks
    Structured Attention Networks
    Nov 30 Project Progress Discussion Technical Discussion
    Dec 05 Project Presentation
    Dec 07 Project Presentation
    Dec 12 No Class 4rd Critical Survey Due