Work in Progress, Hot off the Press!

  1. On the Efficiency of Strategies for Subdividing Polynomial Triangular Surface Patches. (pdf)
    June 2006. Posted on arXiv as paper cs.CG/0606061

  2. Simple Methods For Drawing Rational Surfaces as Four or Six B'ezier Patches. (pdf)
    June 2006. Posted on arXiv as paper cs.CG/0606055

  3. Fast and Simple Methods for Computing Control Points. (pdf)
    With Weiqing Gu.
    June 2006. Posted on arXiv as paper cs.CC/0606056

  4. A Kinematic Model of the Human Arm Using Triangular B'ezier Spline Surfaces.
    With Deepak Tolani and Norman Badler. (ps)
    Submitted to GMIP. February 2000.

  5. Computing Exponentials of Real Matrices Diagonalizable Over C. (pdf)
    June 2006.

  6. Remarks on the Cayley representation of orthogonal matrices and
    on making matrices invertible by perturbing the diagonal. (pdf)
    June 2006. Posted on arXiv as paper math.NA/0606320.  

  7. The completeness of propositional resolution: A simple and constructive proof.   (html)   |  (pdf)
    Revised September, 2006. Posted on arXiv as paper cs.LO/0606084.
    LMCS, Vol. 2(5:3), November 2006.

  8. Logarithms and Square Roots of Real Matrices.   (pdf)
    April 2008. Revised October 2013. Posted on arXiv as paper math > arXiv:0805.0245  

  9. Clifford algebras, Clifford groups, and the groups Pin and Spin (notes)   (pdf)
    Revised September 2014. Posted on arXiv as paper math > arXiv:0805.0311

  10. A new construction of smooth surfaces from triangle meshes
    using parametric pseudo-manifolds
    With M. Siqueira, D. Xu, L.G. Nonato, D.M. Morera and L. Velho   (pdf)

  11. Notes on the Schur complement (12/2010)   (pdf)

  12. Notes on RSA (05/2010)   (pdf)

  13. On some quadratic optimization problems arising in computer vision (06/2014)   (pdf)

  14. Parametric Pseudo-Manifolds.
    With M. Siqueira and Dianna Xu (10/2012),
    Differential Geometry and Applications Vol. 30, 702-736 (2012)   (pdf)

  15. Notes on Primality Testing and Public Key Cryptography
    Part 1: Randomized Algorithms
    Miller-Rabin and Solovay-Strassen Tests (08/2017)   (pdf)

  16. Spectral Graph Theory of Unsigned and Signed Graphs
    Applications to Graph Clustering: a Survey   (12/2014)
    Posted to arXiv as paper cs.CV arXiv:1311.2492 (pdf)

  17. Introduction to Discrete Probability (December 2014) (pdf)

  18. Motion Interpolation in SIM(3)
    With Christine Allen-Blanchette and Spyridon Leonardos (07/2014)
    Submitted to SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications  (pdf)