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* Advance Registration and Open Enrollment for some of the courses below is restricted. You can see a detailed list of the restrictions for each Fall course on the course detail in Path@Penn. Other students who wish to be considered for enrollment in those courses should request permission to take the course in Path@Penn first, then from there we will transfer your request to the CIS Waitlist within 24 hours. Late Spring semester we will open up the CIS Waitlist where you will be able to track and manage your requests.

* All Undergraduate Students who are interested in registering for Graduate level CIS and CIT courses (5XXX or Higher) must follow the instructions above to request permission.


Computer and Information Science (CIS), Computer Information Technology (CIT) and Networked and Social Systems (NETS).



For more detail related to these courses offered at Penn, and to register for classes after you have met with your advisor, please log in to Path@Penn and make any adjustments to your schedule on that site. Please note that Path@Penn is the only way to access course information that is verified as accurate by the University Registrar’s Office.

For important dates such as the first day of classes, Drop/Add, Reading Days, Final Examinations, and breaks, please see the University Academic Calendar.


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Important Note:

All current course information at Penn, including descriptions, instructors, and provided syllabi, is accessible by PennKey using Path@Penn.

Students, faculty and staff can log in to search for a particular course by subject code and number (Ex: CIS1000), or by keyword and or/instructor. Path@Penn is the only way to access course information that is verified as accurate by the University.

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