Graduate Courses - Fall 2019

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CIS Core Courses
CIT Core Courses

* Enrollment for the below CIS and CIT classes is restricted to CIS, MCIT, CGGT, EMBS, DATS and Robotics students. Other students who wish to be considered for enrollment in CIS or CIT courses should register for the CIS Waitlist System.

CIS 500/001 Software Foundations Pierce TR noon-1:30 TBD
CIS 501/001 Computer Architecture Devietti MW 1:30-3 TBD
CIS 505/001 Software Systems Phan MW noon-1:30 TBD
CIS 511/001 Theory of Computation De TR 4:30-6 TBD
CIS 519/401 Applied Machine Learning (core course for CIS/MSE students as an alternative for CIS 520) Roth MW 10:30-noon TBD
CIS 520/001 Machine Learning; CIS 520 will also be offered in Spring 2018 Ungar MW 10:30-noon TBD
CIS 520/201 CIS 520 recitation Ungar F 9:30-11 TBD
CIS 521/401 Artificial Intelligence (core course for CIS/MSE students as an alternative for CIS 520) Callison-Burch TR noon-1:30 TBD
CIS 536/401 Computational Biology Kim MW 3:30-5 FAGN 218
CIS 537/401 Biomedical Image Analysis Yushkevich MW 3-4:30 TBD
CIS 541/401 Embedded Software for Life-Critical Applications Lee MW 3-4:30 TBD
CIS 545/001 Big Data Analytics Ives / Greenberg MW 1:30-3 TBD
CIS 549/001 Wireless Mobile Communications Kim MW 7-8:30 TBD
CIS 550/401 Databases & Information Systems Davidson MW noon-1:30 TBD
CIS 552/001 Advanced Programming Weirich MW noon-1:30 TBD
CIS 555/401 Internet & Web Systems Liu MW 3-4:30 TBD
CIS 557/001 Programming for the Web Fouh TR 1:30-3 TBD
CIS 560/401 Interactive Computer Graphics Mally MW 1:30-3 TBD
CIS 560/402 CIS 560 recitation Mally F 1:30-3 TBD
CIS 562/401 Computer Animation Lane TR 3-4:30 TBD
CIS 563/001 Physically Based Animation Jiang MW noon-1:30 TBD
CIS 565/001 GPU Programming & Architecture Staff M 6-9 TBD
CIS 565/201 CIS 565 Recitation Staff W 6-7 TBD
CIS 568/001 Game Design Practicum Lane TR 10:30-noon TBD
CIS 573/001 Software Engineering Naik MW 1:30-3PM TBD
CIS 581/001 Computer Vision & Computational Photography Shi TR 3-4:30 TBD
CIS 597/XXX Master’s Student Thesis Research Section numbers accessible @ side bar.
CIS 599/XXX Master’s Student Independent Study
CIS 620/301 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning Agarwal TR 10:30-noon Cancelled
CIS 677/001 Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity Khanna W 3-6 WLNT 401B
CIS 680/301 Advanced Topics in Machine Perception Shi MW noon-1:30 TBD
CIS 700/001 Special Topic: Software Analysis & Testing Course may be used towards fulfilling PhD seminar requirement. Naik MW 1:30-3 Cancelled
CIS 700/002 Special Topic: Integrated Intelligence for Robotics Eaton TR 1:30-3 TBD
CIS 895/001 Teaching Practicum Credit TBD TBD TBA
CIS 899/XXX Doctoral Student Independent Study Section numbers accessible @ side bar.
CIS 999/XXX Doctoral Student Thesis/Dissertation Research
CIS 995/001 Dissertation TBD TBD TBA
CIT 591/001 Introduction to Software Development Fouh TR noon-1:30 TBD
CIT 591/201 CIT 591 recitation Fouh R 4:30-6 TBD
CIT 592/001 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Bhusnurmath TR 9-10:30 TBD
CIT 592/201 CIT 592 recitation Bhusnurmath T 4:30-6 TBD
CIT 593/001 Introduction to Computer Systems Farmer MWF 11-noon TBD
CIT 593/201 CIT 593 recitation Farmer F 12-1:30 MOOR 100A, 100B and 100C
Enrollment for the above CIS and CIT classes is restricted to CIS, MCIT, CGGT, EMBS, and Robotics students. Other students who wish to be considered for enrollment in CIS or CIT courses should complete and submit the Waitlist Request form.
CIT 590/001 Programming Languages & Techniques
For non-MCIT students
Krakowsky MW 4:30-6 TBD
CIT 590/201 CIT 590 recitation Staff F 11-12:30 TBD
CIT 590/202 CIT 590 recitation Staff F 2-3:30 TBD
CIT 590/203 CIT 590 recitation Staff F 3-4:30 TBD
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August 26 Graduate Orientation
August 27 Fall term classes begin
September 10 Add/drop period ends – last day to drop courses without financial obligation for graduate students
October 10-13 Fall term break (Thursday through Sunday)
October 28-Nov. 10 Advance registration for Spring term (all students)
November 28-Dec. 1 Thanksgiving recess begins at close of classes
December 2 Classes resume
December 9 Fall term classes end
December 10-11 Reading Days
December 12-19 Final Examinations
December 19 Fall term ends
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