Your CIS Contacts:

Desirae Cesar
Associate Director
Office: 309 Levine
Phone: 215-573-2582

Laura Fox
Associate Director
Office: 309 Levine
Phone: 215-898-3191

Dr. Andreas Haeberlen
Undergraduate Curriculum Chair
Office: 560 Levine
Phone: 215-746-6167

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Summer 2019 Schedule

Days: M=Monday | T=Tuesday | W=Wednesday| R=Thursday | F=Friday

Course Title Instructor Day/Time Room
Summer Session I: Tuesday, May 28 - Wednesday, July 3
CIS 160 Math Foundations of Computer Science Tannen MTW 1:00p-3:30p DRLB A6
Recitation Tannen R 1:00-3:00p DRLB A6
CIS 399 Special Topics: "The Quantum and the Computer" Mintz TWRF 1:00-3:00p TOWN 311
CIS 421 Artificial Intelligence Callison-Burch MWF 2:30-5p WLNT 401B
CIS 450 Database and Info Systems Davidson MTW 1:30-4p TOWN 327
Summer Session II: Friday, July 5- Friday,  August 9
CIS 110 Introduction to Comp. Programming McBurney MTWR 10:00a-12:00p TOWN 303

For current listings of courses offered at Penn, and to register for classes after you have met with your advisor, log in to Penn InTouch. Please note that Penn InTouch is the only way to access course information that is verified as accurate by the University Registrar's Office.

For important dates such as the first day of classes, Drop/Add, Reading Days, Final Examinations, and breaks, please see the University Academic Calendar.

NOTE: 5XX-level course numbers represent courses open to both undergraduate and graduate students as electives.  Please email Nick Mancuso for a permit.