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CGGT Graduate Courses - Spring 2013

For current listings of courses offered at Penn, and to register for classes after you have met with your advisor, log in to Penn InTouch. Please note that Penn InTouch is the only way to access course information that is verified as accurate by the University Registrar's Office.

Legend: Days: M=Monday | T=Tuesday | W=Wednesday| R=Thursday | F=Friday

Course Title Instructor Days/Time Location
CIS 521/001 Fundamentals of AI


TR 10:30-noon TBA
CIS 563/001 Physically Based Animation Staff MW 1:30-3 TBA
CIS 564/001 Game Design & Development Lane TBA TBA
CIS 580/001 Machine Perception Daniilidis MW 10:30-noon TBA
CIS 660/301 Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics & Animation Lane MW 10:30-noon TBA
EAS 545/401 Engineering Entrepreneurship I Cassel TR 9-10:30 TBA
EAS 545/402 Engineering Entrepreneurship I Menschik TR 9-10:30 TBA
EAS 545/403 Engineering Entrepreneurship I Babin TR 10:30-noon TBA
ESE 505/401 Control of Systems Kothmann MW 3-4:30 TBA
ESE 650/001 Learning in Robotics Lee TR 1:30-3 TBA
FNAR 536/401 Digital Figure Modeling White TR 9-noon TBA
FNAR 567/401 Computer Animation Staff MW 1:30-4:30 TBA
FNAR 635/401 3D Modeling/Sculpture White TR 1:30-4:30 TBA
IPD 515/401

Product Design

Ulrich T 3-6 TBA
IPD 515/402 Product Design Robertson T 3-6 TBA

If a class has reached its enrollment cap, contact the instructor to get on the waiting list.