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Graduate Courses - Fall 2017

M=Monday | T=Tuesday | W=Wednesday| R=Thursday | F=Friday
CIS Core Courses
CIT Core Courses
CIS 500/001 Software Foundations Pierce TR 12-1:30 BENN 419
CIS 501/001 Computer Architecture Devietti TR 10:30-12 TOWN 313
CIS 502/001 Analysis of Algorithms Kannan TR 4:30-6 SKIR AUD
CIS 505/001 Software Systems Phan MW 4:30-6 DRLB A2
CIS 518/401 Finite Model Theory & Descriptive Complexity Weinstein TR 3-4:30 BENN 323
CIS 519/401

Introduction to Machine Learning (core course for CIS/MSE students as an alternative for CIS 520)

Eaton MW 12-1:30 LEVH 101
CIS 520/001

Machine Learning; CIS 520 will also be offered in Spring 2018

Ungar & Agarwal

MW 10:30-12 TOWN 100
CIS 520/201 CIS 520 recitation

Ungar & Agarwal

F 9:30-11 TOWN 100
CIS 521/401 Artificial Intelligence (core course for CIS/MSE students as an alternative for CIS 520) Marcus TR 12-1:30 LEVH 101
CIS 536/401 Computational Biology Kim MW 2-3:30 FAGN 118
CIS 537/401 Biomedical Image Analysis Yushkevich MW 3-4:30 TOWN 303
CIS 541/401 Embedded Software for Life-Critical Applications Lee MW 3-4:30 MOOR 216
CIS 549/001 Wireless Mobile Communications Kim W 6-9 TOWN 311
CIS 550/401 Databases & Information Systems
Davidson MW 12-1:30 SKIR AUD
CIS 550/402 Databases & Information Systems Alawini TR 9-10:30 MOOR 216
CIS 551/001 Computer & Network Security Blaze MW 3-4:30 TOWN 311
CIS 552/001 Advanced Programming Weirich MW noon-1:30 TBA
CIS 553/001 Networked Systems Liu MW noon-1:30 TOWN 313
CIS 555/401 Internet & Web Systems (core course for CIS/MSE students) Ives MW 10:30-12 LEVH 101
CIS 559/001 Programming & Problem Solving permission of instructor needed Sheth TR 3-4:30 Cancelled
CIS 559/201 CIS 559 recitation Sheth F 3-4:30 Cancelled
CIS 560/401 Interactive Computer Graphics Mally MW 1:30-3 LEVH 101
CIS 560/402 CIS 560 recitation Mally F 1:30-3 LEVH 101
CIS 562/401 Computer Animation Lane TR 3-4:30  MOOR 216
CIS 565/001 GPU Programming & Architecture Cozzi M 6-9 MOOR 212
CIS 565/201 CIS 565 Recitation Cozzi W 6-7 MOOR 212
CIS 568/001 Game Design Practicum Lane TR 10:30-12 TOWN 303
CIS 573/001 Software Engineering Murphy TR 10:30-12 TOWN 100
CIS 581/001 Computer Vision & Computational Photography Shi TR 3-4:30 LRSM AUD

Master's Student Thesis Research [click here for faculty section numbers] [clickhere for master's thesis instructions]

CIS 599/XXX Master's Student Independent Study
[click here for faculty section numbers]
CIS 680/301 Advanced Topics in Machine Perception Shi MW noon-1:30 TOWN 309
CIS 682/001 Friendly Logics Tannen TR 3-4:30 TOWN 303
CIS 700/001

Special Topic Software Analysis & Testing (may be used to fulfill CIS PhD seminar requirement)

Naik MW 1:30-3P MOOR 212
CIS 700/002 Special Topic: Mathematical Foundations of Adaptive Data Analysis (maybe be used to fulfill CIS PhD seminar requirement)- permission needed from instructor Roth, A. TR 3-4:30 DRLB 3C8
CIS 700/003 Special Topic: Integrated Intelligence for Robotics (may be used to fulfill CIS Phd seminar requirement)- permission needed from instructor Eaton MW 3-4:30 DRLB 4C6
CIS 700/004 Special Topic: Physics-Based Material Simulation Jiang TR 1:30-3 TOWN 319
CIS 700/005 Special Topic: Computer Architecture Reading Group Devietti T 2-3P LEVH 512
CIS 700/006 Special Topic: Advanced Machine Learning Roth, D. TR 6-7:30 TBA
CIS 800/001 PhD Special Topic: ML/Gausisan Process Barash T 3-4:30P Cancelled
CIS 800/002 PhD Special Topic: Security Reading Group (.5 cu) Heninger W noon-1 DSL Conference Room
CIS 895/001 Teaching Practicum Credit TBD TBD TBA
CIS 899/XXX Doctoral Student Independent Study
[click here for faculty section numbers]
CIS 999/XXX Doctoral Student Thesis/Dissertation Research
[click here for faculty section numbers]
CIS 995/001 Dissertation TBD TBD TBA
CIT 591/001 Introduction to Software Development Sheth TR 12-1:30 FAGN 116
CIT 591/201 CIT 591 recitation Sheth R 3-4:30 TOWN 319
CIT 592/001 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Bhusnurmath TR 9-10:30 TOWN 313
CIT 592/201 CIT 592 recitation Bhusnurmath T 4:30-6 DRLB A5
CIT 593/001 Introduction to Computer Systems Farmer MWF 11-12 DRLB A6
CIT 593/201 CIT 593 recitation Farmer F 12-1:30

MOOR 100A, 100B & 100C

CIT 594/001 Data Structure & Software Design Staff TR 3-4:30 TBA
CIT 594/201 CIT 594 recitation Staff F 3-4:20 TBA

Enrollment for the above CIS and CIT classes is restricted to CIS, MCIT, CGGT, EMBS, and Robotics students. The waitlist is closed.

CIT 590/001

Programming Languages & Techniques
For non-MCIT students


MW 4:30-6

LEVH 101
CIT 590/201 CIT 590 recitation Staff F 11-1 TOWN 321
CIT 590/202 CIT 590 recitation Staff F 2-4 TOWN 311
CIT 590/203 CIT 590 recitation Staff F 3-4:30 TOWN 315
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