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Homework Policies

It is imperative to understand that computer programming is not a spectator sport. To get good at it, you need to practice, and the primary vehicle for that is the homeworks.

Due dates: Homework assignments are due at 11:59pm Eastern Time unless otherwise posted. All deadlines are automatically enforced.

Where to submit: All homework must be submitted electronically through Gradescope.

How often to submit: You can submit each assignment as often as you like. We will grade the last version of each file that you submit. Every time you submit, you must submit all of your files.

What to do if the submission system isn’t working: If you have trouble with Gradescope, check Ed for any announcements regarding Gradescope. As a last resort, email your code to the instructor before the deadline. We will not accept anything past the deadline, so please make sure you don’t wait until right at the end to submit. Submit your next assignment early and seek help if you still have problems. (You can always resubmit later on.)

Always back up your work. Because we use Codio for writing code in CIS 1100, data loss is relatively rare. However, we do not guarantee that Codio will be completely bug-free, and it is your responsibility to periodically download and save your work. Consider:

Late Submissions:

The following details apply only for homework assignments. Quizzes cannot be submitted late.

Extensions: Please recognize that extensions can be quite disruptive to the pace of your learning in CIS 1100. It is for this reason that we provide 4 late days to cover most situations. Nevertheless, we are committed to accomodating students experiencing exceptional circumstances.

Extra Credit:

Homework Regrade Requests: