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The grading for the course will tentatively consist of:

Homework Grades
We use points on homework as a mechanism to provide feedback. You should be learning from doing the assignments and also from the feedback on them, which means homework grades may well be lower than you are used to. Don’t worry! In past semesters 30%-40% of CIS 110 students have received an A- or better in the course, and we expect this semester to be similar.

Exam Grades
Exam grades are typically curved. Your raw score will be posted to grade scope, while your curved score is posted to the Dashboard. CIS 110 exams are usually challenging, and curved scores are almost always higher than raw scores.

Live Coding Submissions
You are scored based on your weekly submission of an assignment that is completed collaboratively between students and instructors during one of the week’s Live Coding sessions. These are graded on basic completion.

Check-in Quizzes
These quizzes are meant to help you gauge your understanding of the material presented in the weekly short Lecture videos. You will be graded on correctness, but you will be able to see which questions you got wrong and re-submit until you get them all right.

Making up work
Grades are based on your performance on work completed during the semester in accordance with course policies. It is not possible to make up work in order to improve your grade or compensate for violations of course policy.

Incompletes, with permission to complete coursework after the semester ends, will be granted only in verifiable cases of serious, extended illness or similar extraordinary circumstances.

Grounds for failure
A serious lack of effort may be grounds for failure in the course. If you find yourself in any of the situations below, you should meet with an instructor promptly to discuss your situation:

Conversion to letter grades
All graded work is converted to a percentage grade between 0% and 100%. Exams are converted based on a curve. Homeworks are converted by dividing your score by 50 (the maximum number of points per assignment). Here is how the percentage grades will map to final letter grades: