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Attendance & Health

Attendance is mandatory for both lectures and recitations. Your recitation attendance is a non-trivial portion of your grade in CIS 110.

Attendance, Covid, and You
Penn has a number of policies that must be closely followed in order to maintain a healthy classroom environment. Although these policies are strict, you should note that accomodations will be made so that students can make good, responsible decisions without worry about negatively impacting their grades.

Essential Policies
These policies are designed to keep you and everyone around you well.
  • You must fill out a symptom check on Penn Open Pass in order to attend class, recitation, and office hours. If you do not have a green pass, either because you haven’t done a symptom check or because you have a red pass, you may not attend any in person instruction under any circumstances. Doing so poses an unfair risk to your fellow students and the course staff as well.
  • If you are not feeling well, do not attend any in person instruction.
  • You must wear a mask properly in all circumstances (lecture, recitation, office hours). There are no exceptions to this rule. If you need to drink water or eat something, you must leave the classroom to do so.
    • Students not wearing a mask in lecture, recitation, and office hours will be specifically asked to put on their mask properly.
    • Proper mask wearing means that the mask is tightly fitted around the nose and the mouth.
  • Failure to properly wear a mask or adhere to other guidelines may result in disciplinary sanctions from the Office of Student Conduct.

Lecture attendance
We understand that during the Fall 2021 semester, some of you may not be able to attend lectures in person every time, you may watch recorded lectures in place of attending. You do not need to inform us if you won’t be able to make it to lecture on any given day. We strongly encourage you to attend lecture when you can. You will be expected to watch the recording of every lecture that you do not attend.

Lecture recordings and materials
Slides and associated readings are normally posted on the syllabus page before class. The lecture recordings are posted about an hour after lecture. The list of recordings is linked from the Syllabus page.

Recitation attendance and participation
Recitation attendance is mandatory (and in person) for all students. You must attend the recitation you are registered for. If you suspect a possible exposure, are feeling unwell, or have a red Penn Open Pass and won’t be able to come to recitation, please reach out to your recitation TAs by 9am on the day of your recitation and you will be excused. We will try to make recordings available for the recitation each week. Green PennOpen passes will be required and checked during recitations.

Each recitation will be graded out of 2 points. There will be 1 point for attending (reaching on time and not leaving early) and 1 point for participating. Recitations are intended to be conversational and engaging, so please do your best to engage with your class.

Recitation materials
Recitation slides will be posted to the course website on Tuesday nights and will contain solutions to any problems covered. Note that slides will only be posted after all recitations for the week have been held.

Code reviews
Code reviews will be held via Zoom after Homework 3 and Homework 6. These will be coordinated via email by your TAs. More information to follow.