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Sunday Review Sessions

Each week, we will post the worksheet and answers for the sunday review sesion held. SRS will be held every Sunday starting January 23, 2022 from 3:30pm - 5:30pm ET in Moore 100B and Moore 100C. Since the University is virtual-only until January 23, 2022, the first SRS will be held on Zoom. See Piazza for the Zoom link.

Date Worksheet Answers
January 23, 2022 Variables, Types, Operators Answer Key
January 30, 2022 Strings, Conditionals Answer Key
February 6, 2022 Loops and Arrays Answer Key
February 13, 2022 Arrays and Functions Answer Key
February 20, 2022 Functions and Recursion Answer Key
March 20, 2022 Objects, Reference Types, and Abstract Data Types Answer Key
March 27, 2022 ADT, Linked Lists Answer Key
April 3, 2022 ArrayList and LinkedList Answer Key
April 10, 2022 Number Systems and 2D Arrays Answer Key
April 17, 2022 Comparing and Sorting Objects, and List Implementations Answer Key