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Exam Procedures

CIS 110 exams are governed by rules designed to prevent distraction to other exam takers. We ask that you follow these rules not only to maintain the integrity of the exam, but also out of respect for your fellow students.

Asynchronous Exams

CIS 110 exams for the Spring 2021 semester will be taken on Gradescope. Students must take the exam alone, although the exams will be open-note. Students are given a window to complete an exam which, upon starting, students will have just over 2 hours to complete. Exams are meant to take 110 minutes, and we provision 20 minutes as a buffer for potential technical issues. On the day of the exam, we will switch the piazza to private posts only. TAs will be heavily active monitoring for exam questions. Once you have completed the exam, you may not speak about the exam to other students or post on Piazza publicly about it after the exam window has concluded. Doing so directly violates our academic integrity policy and will result in a failure for the exam.

Makeup Requests

Because the exam will be offered asynchronously over a extended period wherein students have 2 hours to complete the exam, we will only be able to offer makeup exams in truly exceptional circumstances. If you believe that your circumstances warrant a makeup for the exam, you may post privately to piazza in the week prior to the exam date and the head staff will reach out to discuss a potential makeup date. If you ask for a makeup on the day of the exam, we will not be able to grant one.

General Rules