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Exam Procedures

CIS 1100 exams are governed by rules designed to prevent distraction to other exam takers. We ask that you follow these rules not only to maintain the integrity of the exam, but also out of respect for your fellow students.

Synchronous, online exams

CIS 1100 exams for the Summer 2022 semester will be taken online on Gradescope during class time.

Exams for students with SDS approved accommodations

We will be in touch with you around a week before the exam and ask you to schedule your exam. Please be sure to have SDS notify the professors of your accommodation in time for that.

Makeup exams

We will only be able to offer makeup exams in truly exceptional circumstances. Any unforeseeable issues that prevent you from taking either exam should be expressed at the earliest opportunity via email to the instructor.

You must take the exam on the scheduled day unless you have received explicit permission otherwise.