About the minicourses

There are a variety of half-credit minicourses offered every semester.

All minicourses share the same lecture time slot. The common lecture is broad and cross-cutting. For Spring 2023, the common lecture will start after the first week of the semester, time and location TBD.

The common lecture videos from Spring 2021 are also hosted on Google Drive for your reference.

  • Basics of the Linux/Unix command line
  • Version Control with git
  • Internet Basics

Recitations - Spring 2023

The material specific to each minicourse in covered in the recitation. The current list (along with meeting times and locations) is below:

Course Number Recitation Instructor Meeting Times Location
CIS 1880 - DevOps Joy Liu & Campbell Phalen Wednesday 5.15-6.45pm Towne 309
CIS 1890 - Solving Hard Problems in Practice Charley Cunningham & Rohan Menezes Tuesday 5.15-6.45pm Towne 319
CIS 1910- Linux/Unix Skills Kyrie Dowling Tuesday 5.15-6.45pm DRL 4C4
CIS 1920 - Python Programming Tony Liu Thursday 8.30-10.00am Towne 315
CIS 1940 - Haskell Jessica Shi Tuesday 3.30-5.00pm DRL 2C6
CIS 1950 - Android Development Ali Krema Thursday 3.30-5.00pm Towne 315

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take more than a minicourse that has a time conflict with another course?
    For this semester, if a minicourse is triggering a time conflict with another course, that time conflict cannot be overriden. The one exception is with Senior Design; you can fill out the time conflict form, get the Senior Design instructor and one of the minicourse instructors (Swapneel or Harry) to sign it, and then submit the form to RAS.

  • The minicourse I'm interested in is full - is there a waitlist?
    Most minicourses use the CIS waitlist system. This may, however, vary across the various minicourses. Please go to the first recitation and contact the recitation instructor for details.

  • Will there be recitations during the first week of classes?
    Yes - depending on the lecture/recitation scheduling, some recitation sections may start before the first lecture.

  • When will courses for next semester be listed?
    Courses for Fall are typically listed over the summer and courses for Spring are listed in early December.

Minicourse coordinators

Please contact Swapneel Sheth or Harry Smith if you have any additional questions.