Core Areas of Study

In order to adequately prepare students for work in computer graphics-related industries, the proposed master’s program curriculum will be composed of coursework distributed across the following core areas:

Creative Arts and Design

This core area is intended to address issues related to designing, creating and analyzing the visual, auditory, psychological and entertainment aspects of interactive media and visual effects. Topics include creation of 3D models and animation, visual communication, film studies, storytelling and narrative, user interface design and human/computer interaction.

Computer Science, Systems and Technology

This core area will cover topics in the areas of mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, programming, algorithm design, computer graphics and animation technology, and game design and development.

Product Design, Development and Production

This core area covers topics associated with designing, developing and managing the production of computer graphics and game technology systems, content and authoring tools.

Business and Entrepreneurship

This core area will cover topics in the areas of engineering entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights and management, media marketing, and the economics of the entertainment industry, including the ways games, movies and other digital content are funded, marketed and sold.

Graduate Program:

Your CIS Contacts:

Redian Furxhiu
Graduate Coordinator for on-campus MCIT, CIS/MSE and CGGT programs
Office: 308 Levine
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Staci Kaplan
Program Manager for DATS (Data Science MSE)
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Britton Carnevali
Doctoral Program Manager
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Mariel Celentano
Graduate Coordinator for ROBO
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Liz Wai-Ping Ng
Associate Director for Embedded Systems MSE program
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