CIS Master's Programs: Virtual Open House

Students interested in the master's programs offered by the Department of Computer and Information Science can view the video presentations below and watch the virtual tours of the SIG Center for Computer Graphics, the Penn Haptics and GRASP Labs, and the mLab. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Felker, Graduate Program Coordinator, either by email ( or phone (215-898-9672). More information and program overviews can also be found here.

Overview & the CIS/MSE Program - Mike Felker


MCIT Program - Dave Matuszek


CGGT Program - Steve Lane


Robotics Program - Jamie Gewirtz


Embedded Systems Program - Rajeev Alur


Tour: SIG Center for Computer Graphics


Tour: Penn Haptics Lab & GRASP Lab


Tour: The mLab


The following program slides are available for download: Embedded Systems Program | CGGT Program | Robotics Program