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 Software Engineering Course of Study 

Software engineers create and maintain software applications by applying technologies and practices from computer science, project management, engineering, application domains, and other fields.  Software engineering deals with issues of costs and reliability, spanning a vast array of disciplines including the following:

Object Oriented Development & Design
Unix Programming
Kernel Development
Graphics & Video
Framework Development
Human-Computer Interface Design
Project Management
Quality Assurance
Product Documentation

Software engineers have interesting and varied career opportunities, working with businesses, high tech companies, government agencies (civilian, military), and non-profit organizations to develop the cutting edge software technology so important to myriad facets of life in the 21st century. 

The CIS MSE Software Engineering Course of Study  curriculum encompasses the following:

Four core courses from the following list, including at least one of either 501 or 505 and at least one of either 502 or 511:

CIS 500/Software Foundations

CIS 501/Computer Architecture
CIS 502/Analysis of Algorithms
CIS 505/Software Systems
CIS 511/Theory of Computation
CIS 520/Artificial Intelligence 

Three required CIS electives: the following courses are recommended for this requirement:

CIS 573/Software Engineering

CIS 550/Database and Information Systems

CIS 555/Internet and Web Systems

Three electives; the following courses are recommended for this requirement:

CIS 899/Independent Study

CIS courses as approved by advisor

CIS 640/Advanced Topics in Software Systems

A possible schedule of studies would be:


First semester/Fall                                

CIS 500                                                    

CIS 501

CIS elective                                                 


Second Semester/Spring

CIS 502                                                    

CIS 505

CIS 555

Third Semester/Fall

CIS 899

CIS 573

CIS 550

CIS elective *

The final CIS elective may also be taken during the Fourth Semester/Spring, or during a Summer Session.



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