Doctoral WPE I Exam Information

WPE I Registration Process

Towards the end of each semester, the CIS Graduate Coordinator will send an email regarding registering for the Written Preliminary Exams I (WPE I). Students who wish to take the WPE I exams will submit the online registration form, and the Graduate Coordinator will assign these students a number to be used on the exam(s) instead of their name - this is to ensure impartiality in the grading of the WPE I.

Doctoral students and only master's students who are seriously considering trying to become doctoral students should register for the WPE I.

NOTE: You must authenticate with your Google@SEAS account (not PennKey) to register for the WPE I. If you have never used your Google@SEAS account, you may need to set your password following these instructions.

Register for the WPE I