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Doctoral Dissertation Resources

Below are links to several resources for Ph.D. students who are in the dissertation process:

Penn Graduate Student Center (GSC): links to Penn resources including the Dissertation Manual, preparation guidelines, online resources, useful software, etc.

GSC "Navigating the Dissertation" events: Navigating the Dissertation seeks to help doctoral students be successful in the dissertation process through workshops, resources, dissertation groups, and Dissertation Boot Camp. The Boot Camp offers an environment and support for intense, focused writing time, and provides participants with the structure and motivation to overcome typical roadblocks in the dissertation process.

SEAS Technical Communications Resources list and EAS 510 Course: The EAS 510 course is primarily for SEAS graduate students who use English as a second language and who need to develop the communication skills for their academic and professional careers. 

Weingarten Learning Resources Center: The WLRC provides academic support services and programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.