CGGT Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

The Master Degree requirements consist of completing 9 courses and a one semester design project over a one year period for a total of 10 courses. 

Core Areas
Creative Arts and Design (2 courses)
1. FNAR 635: 3D Modeling/Digital Sculpture
COMM 564: The Digital Image
Computer Science, Systems and Technology (4 courses)
3. CIS 560: Computer Graphics
4. CIS 562: Computer Animation
5. Math Course. Recommended choices include:
  • CIS 563: Physically-Based Animation
  • ESE 500: Linear Systems
  • ESE 504: Introduction to Optimization Theory
  • CIS 610: Computational Geometry
  • ESE 505: Control of Systems
6. Technical Elective. Recommended choices include:
  • CIS 564: Game Design and Development
  • CIS 563: Physically-Based Animation
  • CIS 565 (665): GPU Programming
  • ESE 608 Intelligent & Animated Software Agents
Product Design, Development and Production (1 course)
7. CIS 660: Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics and Animation
Business and Entrepreneurship (1 course)
8. Recommended choices include:
  • EAS 545: Engineering Entrepreneurship I
  • IPD 515: Product Design
Elective (1 course)
A course related to one of the CGGT Core Areas - approval from CGGT program director needed.
9. Recommended choices include:
  • FNAR 567: Computer Animation
  • FNAR 536: Digital Figure Modeling 
  • FNAR 653: Advanced Project Animation
  • FNAR 634: Web Design 1
Design Project (1 course)
10. CIS 568: Game Design Practicum (generally taken over summer semesters)

Credit for Substantially Similar Coursework at Other Universities

Students enrolled in the program from outside the University who have taken substantially similar coursework at their undergraduate institutions also can petition the program for approval of appropriate course substitutions. Granting of such approvals will be at the Program Director's discretion, and will be made on a case by case basis.

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