Your CIS Department Contact:

Mike Felker
CIS Graduate Coordinator
Office: 158 Levine
Phone: 215-898-9672



Registration Instructions

Dear CIS/MSE,  MCIT & CIS/PhD Graduate Students,

All SEAS grad students have been placed on a registration "hold." Before you can register, you need your advisor's approval to have the hold removed. 

Please use the registration/approval info below as a template to review your proposed enrollment with your advisor (by email is fine and preferred); your advisor may release the hold or can email Mike Felker to release the hold; if you run into a problem let Mike know.

Information on CIS course schedules can be found here. To check enrollment, change course registration, sign up for classes, etc., access the Penn Portal.

Template for advisor approval email message:



PROGRAM (indicate one):

  • MCIT   
  • CIS/MSE   
  • PhD    

Courses to be taken:



I have reviewed the selection of courses, and give my permission to register.

Advisor Approval/ Signature