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Graduation Information and Thesis Formatting Links

Applying for Your Degree

Application for the Doctoral Degree

Application for the Master's Degree

Penn Graduation Calendar

Graduation Application Schedule for December 2016

Now through November 21:

Apply for graduation- see Applying for Your Degree above.

December 5:

For doctoral students - this date is the deadline for depositing the thesis with the SAS Graduate Office, 3401 Walnut Street,Suite 322A. Appointments are necessary

For master's students - this date is the deadline for depositing the master's thesis with the Penn Engineering Academic Programs Office, 109 Towne.  


The degree will be posted to your transcript. 


Diplomas will be mailed - more info can be found here.

Doctoral Thesis Formatting

  • Dissertation resources, including the doctoral dissertation manual/style guide and thesis formatting templates
  • NOTE: There is an unofficial LaTex thesis format template floating around the department that probably doesn't meet the Penn formatting requirements so be careful.
  • Click here for sample cover pages.
  • Most regular office paper is now acid free.

Master's Thesis Formatting

SEAS Master's Thesis Formatting Instructions:

  • Single sided pages.
  • 1 1/2 inch margin on LEFT SIDE - 1 inch on other three sides
  • Two (2) copies of your thesis, unbound, no staples, must be submitted to Betty Gentner in 109 Towne. Both copies must have original signatures on the title pages.  Click here for a sample of a title page.

Click here to access more detailed information regarding submitting and formatting the master's thesis.

Click here for information for CIS/MSE students re: the thesis option.

The Penn master's thesis guide can be accessed here.

Click here to access a sample master's thesis (Paramveer Dhillon).

Commencement Information

Students who graduate in August, December, & May can participate in the University and Engineering Commencement Ceremonies held once each year in May.

The Penn International Student Scholar Services Office can provide an official letter to invite your friends and family to visit for the commencement ceremony. More information is here.

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