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On-campus Master of Computer and Information Technology Program Overview

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*Please note: this is the on-campus information; for the online MCIT, please see the program website*

Program Overview

The Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) program is a rigorous graduate-level program that gives talented students who have no prior experience in Computer Science an opportunity to embark on a highly successful career in computing and technology, often in coveted interdisciplinary roles or even in purely technical software development positions. The MCIT program stems from a belief that advanced computer science coursework for people with undergraduate degrees in other diverse fields leads to highly successful career paths. Our graduates and their careers today stand as strong proof to this philosophy. Within the realm of academia, pursuing further advanced study in computer science is also an option open to MCIT graduates.

Due to the goals and nature of the MCIT program, it is strictly for applicants with limited or no past experience in computer science. Candidates with an undergraduate major in Computer Science or closely related fields, should consider applying to the Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) program instead.

Our Students

Our students come from backgrounds as diverse as chemistry, history, medicine, law, mathematics, literature and fine arts. However, what they all share in common is immense drive and a strong desire to succeed in the field of computing and technology. With their unique combination of skills in Computer Science and non-Computer Science fields, they have gone on to succeed in both technical and interdisciplinary careers. Moreover, current students are very well connected with our tight-knit alumni community, and the MCIT network is growing with each graduating batch.

What Should I Expect After Graduation?

MCIT graduates emerge from the program as well-rounded and versatile individuals, and find themselves in a prime position in the job market. Past students have gone on to work in various roles at large companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, as well as at entrepreneurial start-ups and smaller-sized companies across the nation. Moreover, with their diverse backgrounds, our students are also in a unique position to fill technical jobs in industries such as bioinformatics, medicine, finance, telecommunications, media and many others. A significant proportion of our students do internships in the summer between their first and second years of study, and these internships often lead to full-time employment offers. Our accessible and tight-knit alumni network, together with Penn’s stellar Career Services and our supportive, reputed faculty, ensure that MCIT graduates are exposed to the many doors that are open to them after graduation.

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