Underrepresented Students Study Hall

The Computer and Information Science Department hosts a study hall for underrepresented students.

When: Tuesdays from 8 to 10 pm (Study hall is being held virtually for the balance of the semester.)

Where: 307 Levine

What we do:

  • Connect with peers
  • Make new friends in the computer science major
  • Get advice from juniors and seniors about course scheduling and pacing, and other usual tips
  • Access intro course tutors who are available at the study hall
  • Sign up for peer counseling
  • Eat dinner together. Food is provided!

For more information on study hall, contact Rita Powell.

Elom Dumenyo- Study Hall Manager

Elom Dumenyo

Emilia Soto Aguayo- CIS 110 and 120 Tutor

Emilia Soto Aguayo

Eugene Enclona- CIS 110 and 120 Tutor

Eugene Enclona

Jelani Hutchins-Belgrave- Peer Counselor

Jelani Hutchins Belgrave