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Google awarded the Computer and Information Science Department grants in 2018-19 and 2019-20 to develop a program for undergraduate research for women and underrepresented students. 96 undergraduates and 23 computer science faculty and researchers have participated in this program, which matches students to faculty projects based on students’ interests. Students are invited to apply for a paid summer research position following their participation in the project.

Awareness around undergraduate research experiences in computer science (CS) can yield several benefits to students. These benefits include, but are not limited to, improved retention in both the major and discipline-related careers; ability to work independently and to communicate well with a team; increased confidence in academic knowledge and technical skill; broader awareness of the discipline; and awareness of research career pathways. These benefits can be particularly strong for women in computing who are severely underrepresented, and who are more likely to see research careers as “not for them” because of the lack of role models and lack of encouragement to pursue research careers and pathways. One way to increase awareness and confidence in research pathways is through experiential research-focused workshops designed to provide undergraduate women with
opportunities to work on exploratory problems in teams, network with peers and faculty, and learn first-hand about graduate student life and pathways.

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