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Graduates from CIS degree programs can be found in a vast array of professions, from software engineer to roboticist to digital animator. From the development of the first computer, ENIAC, in 1946, our pioneering programs have constantly pushed the limits of what computer scientists can achieve. Below is just taste of where you can find our alumni.

Alumni Spotlight

Raghav Bajaj, Applied Science/Computer Science '05

Raghav Bajaj is an Applied Science/Computer Science graduate of 2005. He went to Penn Law after graduating and is now an Associate at Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein and Fox, an intellectual property law firm in Washington DC. Raghav said he definitely would not have gotten this position without his CS background and he does use his background at work (but doesn't program at all).

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Rachel Allen Bowles, Applied Science/Computer Science & Cognitive Science '05

Rachel Bowles works for a small software company called Databound Solutions and she definitely doesn't program all day. Because her company is so small, she actually does a lot of things including support the piece of software that they sell, travel on site to train their clients in how to use their software, create marketing materials, develop and test code, and so on. She works directly with their clients and has a big part in what they do with their product.

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Eileen Ching, Applied Science/Computer Science '91

Eileen Ching is an IT Director at GlaxoSmithKline where she has worked for 15 years. She started out as a programmer, and has moved on to several different positions in IT including operations and portfolio management, strategy and consulting, business analysis, and managing IT services.

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Frank Havemann, Applied Science/Computer and Cognitive Science '06

Frank Havemann is a Software Engineering and Business Consultant at Applied Predictive Technologies (APT). He is responsible for the release branch (the version of software that clients currently use) for one of his company's products, develops new features for new releases, contributes to Quality Assurance by writing internal tools, and mentors new engineers. On the business side, he works with clients analyzing their businesses in pilot engagements, sets up and maintains data sets, and serves as a resource for the client analysts using their software.

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Gayle Laakmann, CSE and MSE '05

Gayle Laakmann is now studying entrepreneurship as an MBA student at Wharton as well as the CEO of CareerCup, a company which helps programmers and students prepare for technical interviews.  Previously, she was the VP of Engineering at EmptySpaceAds and, before that, a software engineer at Google.

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Michael O'Connor, CSE '07

Michael O'Connor is a Consultant at Accenture in Reston, VA. His current role is a developer for a large government services project. The project is to create an access control system for use by their client in an online environment. For him this entails a lot of research and trial of other software to determine which will best suit their clients' needs while making life easier for the other developers.

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Neal Parikh, Applied Science/Computer Science '07

Neal Parikh is in the Quantitative Investment Strategies group at Goldman Sachs Asset Management in New York. QIS manages a wide range of investment products (from equity mutual funds to a variety of hedge funds) using quantitative methods, primarily from the fields of econometrics, statistics, and optimization theory. He's also applying for a PhD in computer science (focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning).

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Bryan Reinholt, CSE '07

Bryan Reinholt is a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from the class of 2007. He works at a management consulting firm (McKinsey), and certainly doesn't work in a cubicle all day. He has found his computer science background to be extremely helpful (especially databases and programming) but doesn't use it with the same regularity that others in a pure CS job may.

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Kevin Solinger, Applied Science/Computer Science '06

Kevin Solinger works for NYSE Euronext Advanced Trading Solutions as a Technical Consultant. His role involves supporting and visiting clients who have installed their software. He handles installations, upgrades, debugging, and maintenance, and he manages back-and-forth with development when new features are requested, bugs found, etc. His "programming" consists of scripting, client developer support (coding to a proprietary API), configuration, and analyzing existing code.

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Jack Welde, Applied Science/Computer Science '91

Jack Welde runs the Product division at eMusic, the number two digital media retailer behind iTunes. At eMusic, he is responsible for transforming the member experience, including a great user interface and embracing the tenets of Web 2.0. He's acted as CTO and COO for a number of entrepreneurial startups, and he also served as a US Air Force pilot for 9 years.

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Where do our graduates go?

Below are links to lists of just a sampling of career paths chosen by our undergraduate and graduate alumni. You can also access information regarding career paths for alumni using the University's Career Services Alumni Survey reports.

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