CIS 610, 2011

Some Course Notes and Slides


  • GMA, Preface and Chapter 1 (pdf)
  • GMA, Chapter 6 (pdf)
  • GMA, Chapter 11 (pdf)
  • GMA, Chapter 12 (pdf)
  • GMA, Chapter 14 (pdf)
  • GMA, Bibiography (pdf)
  • Notes on Differential Geometry and Lie Groups   (html) (NEW!)
  • Logarithms and Square Roots of Real Matrices (Some Notes)   (pdf) (NEW!)
  • Construction of C^{\infty} Surfaces From Triangular Meshes Using Parametric Pseudo-Manifolds
    (with Marcelo Siqueira and Dianna Xu)   (pdf) (NEW!)
  • The derivation of the exponential map of matrices, by G. M. Tuynman   (pdf) (NEW!)
  • On the Early History of the Singular Value Decomposition, by G.W. Stewart   (pdf)
  • Lecture Notes on Differentiable Manifolds, Geometry of Surfaces, etc., by Nigel Hitchin   (html) (NEW!)
  • An Introduction to Riemannian Geometry, by S. Gudmundsson   (html) (NEW!)
  • ``Semi-secret'' Notes on algebraic geometry and algebra   (Algebra, html)   |  (Math 624/625, Fall 2001--Spring 2002, html)   |  (Math 622/623, Fall 2003--Spring 2004, html) (Algebraic geometry, html)   |  (Complex algebraic geometry, html) (NEW!)


  • Problems, Questions and Motivations   (slides, pdf)
  • Manifolds, Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, the exponential map, part I   (slides, pdf)
  • Manifolds, Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, part II   (slides, pdf)
  • Review of Topology   (slides, pdf)
  • Sir Walter Synnot Manifold   (jpg)
  • Manifolds, general case   (slides, pdf)
  • Riemannian manifolds, connections, parallel transport, Levi-Civita connections   (pdf)
  • Geodesics on Riemannian manifolds   (pdf)
  • The Log-Euclidean Framework   (pdf)

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