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Chris Murphy
Associate Professor of Practice, CIS
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Mike Felker
Graduate Program Coordinator for Ph.D., MSE in CIS, and MCIT programs
Office: 158 Levine
Phone: 215-898-9672


Master of Computer and Information Technology Program Overview

Ph.D. Program Overview

Program Overview

The Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) program is for applicants whose undergraduate degree is not in computer science. Candidates with an undergraduate major in computer science should consider applying instead to the Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) program. The MCIT program stems from a belief that advanced computer science coursework for people with degrees in other fields leads to highly successful career paths. This innovative program allows those with no computing experience to begin an IT career, those who are experienced in IT to advance, and it prepares students for future advanced study in computer science. Students can enroll either full- or part-time.

Our Students

MCIT students typically have undergraduate degrees and backgrounds in fields other than computer science. There is a good mix of students who enter the program with no prior experience in IT or programming and those who have some prior preparation or are already working in the IT field. Our students come from backgrounds as diverse as chemistry, history, medicine, law, mathematics and fine arts. Students take the MCIT degree program to prepare for rapid entry into the IT industry, or to improve and strengthen their working knowledge as an industry professional.

What Should I Expect After Graduation?

MCIT graduates emerge from the program as well-rounded and versatile individuals, and find themselves in a prime position in the job market. MCIT alumni have outstanding placement records. Many students find internships in the summer between their first and second year of study; in many cases, these internships lead to full-time employment offers. A sampling of positions and companies into which our alums have been placed to date can be found here.

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