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In the Loop @ CIS: Spring 2013

Chair's Perspective

Susan DavidsonExcellence in natural language research (NLP) has been a hallmark of Penn for more than five decades. Its faculty has included Aravind Joshi (1961-present), Bonnie Webber (1978-1998, now at the University of Edinburgh), Mark Steedman (1988-1998, now at the University of Edinburgh), Mitch Marcus (1987-present), Martha Palmer (1993-2005, now at the University of Colorado). Penn’s strong tradition in NLP thrives today with Joshi and Marcus and most recently Ani Nenkova (2007-present) and Chris Callison-Burch (joining Fall 2013). In Featured Research, we celebrate the career of Aravind Joshi, give an overview of the group’s research today, and spotlight several of its highly distinguished alumni.

Faculty News introduces you to our newest faculty – Chris Callison-Burch (NLP), Joseph Devietti (computer architecture), Ladislav Kavan (graphics), Linh Phan (cyber-physical systems), and Tom Farmer (lecturer) – and highlights notable grants and awards.

From Hackathons to undergraduate and graduate research, we are proud of our students and what they have accomplished this year. Highlights are given in Student News.

Outreach continues to sizzle at Penn, with events for high school teachers and guidance counselors, middle- and high-school students, as well as opportunities for our own students to participate.

Alums, we are proud of you too! Stay in touch by giving us updates through Facebook or volunteering for one of our Alumni activities.

We hope you enjoy this new online edition of In the Loop @CIS !


Susan B. Davidson
Weiss Professor and Chair, Computer and Information Science