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  Leading the Charge: Reinventing Computer Science at Penn
Rapid change. That's the trademark characteristic of the discipline of computer science. Should you need proof, just think about entire encyclopedias, books and music all in a single device in the palm of your hand. Penn Engineering's CIS department is a leading force in this change. The groundwork may already have been laid, but to Sampath Kannan, the Henry Salvatori Professor and Chair, this is just the beginning.
  great students click stories  1   2   3   4   RoboCup 2014
  GRASP's Robotic Soccer Team Reigns Supreme
Penn Engineering's robotic soccer team now has another RoboCup world championship trophy to add to its collection. Coached by Dan Lee, GRASP Lab director, the team consists of Steve McGill, Larry Abraham, Karen He, Seung-Joon Yi, Dickens He, Chris Akatsuka, Junda Zhu, Sagar Poudel and Jianqiao Li. The team took home first place in the "AdultSize humanoid" league during the 2014 competition held in Brazil.
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  Toyota-ITC Gift Supports Research on Automotive Electronic and Computer Systems
A grant from the Toyota InfoTechnology Center (Toyota-ITC) will allow Rahul Mangharam, associate professor in ESE and CIS, along with other collaborators, to further research efforts in transportation safety. Toyota-ITC is interested in promoting efforts on safety algorithms for self-driving cars, remote automotive diagnostics, resilient control of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicle architectures.
  great faculty click stories  1   2   3   4   Chris Callison-Burch
  Chris Callison-Burch Awarded a 2014 Sloan Fellowship

Chris Callison-Burch, assistant professor in CIS, has been awarded a 2014 Sloan Fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. These prestigious awards are given to early-career scientists and scholars whose achievements and potential identify them the next generation of scientific leaders.

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