Jean Gallier, Professor

Computer and Information Science Department
School of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Pennsylvania

Telephone: (215) 898-4405
Office: GRW 476
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Gran Paradiso (Italy, 2013) Col Rosset (3023 m)   After the storm   Jean   Jean  
Col Bassac Dere (3082 m)   From the Col Bassac Dere   Jean   Descending from Bassac Dere  

Rio, Copacabana (2011) Jean  
Rio Ipanema   Mia, Ipanema  
Sugarloaf, Rio de Janeiro (2011) jaws   Mia  
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Mom, summer 2011  
November 30, 2007. My grandson, Demetrius, his mother, grandfather (me) and father jpg
The Gallier family (before Mia!) at the Col d'Arsine (Hautes Alpes)
Mia eating ice cream, Summer 99
Mia after Eurodysney, Summer 99
Mia in pink, Fall 97
Philippe, Sylvie, My mother June 1999
Mia and me in China, October 97
Sylvie and me on the equator, December 96
More photos Alpes, August 2004
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Research Interests

Before 1993: Friendly compilers, incremental compilation, program verification, automated deduction, unification

** Selected Writings

** After 1993: Geometry and its applications (3D graphics, computer vision, robotics), geometric modeling, geometry of curves and surfaces, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, medical imaging

** Selected Writings

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Homology, Cohomology, and Sheaf Cohomology for Algebraic Topology,
Algebraic Geometry, and Differential Geometry. World Scientific.
(html)   (World Scientific) (Amazon, html)

Differential Geometry and Lie Groups: A Computational Perspective
Geometry and Computing, Vol 12 (html)   (Springer) (Amazon, html)

Differential Geometry and Lie Groups: A Second Course
Geometry and Computing, Vol 13 (html)   (Springer) (Amazon, html)

(html)   (World Scientific) (Amazon, html)

(html)   (World Scientific) (Amazon, html)

(html)   (Amazon, html)

(html)   (Springer, html)   (SpringerLink, html)   (Amazon, html)  

** Review in Choice pdf   Review in zbMath html   Review in MAA html

(html)   (Springer, html)   (SpringerLink, html)   (Amazon, html)  

** Review in zbMath html   Review in Choice pdf

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** Review in MathSciNet (item 2) MathSciNet   Review in zbMath html

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Algebraic Geometry and Algebra

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