CIS 610, Spring 2023

Additional Useful References:

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Some Historical and Leading Figures

David Hilbert,

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Papers Relevant to the Course Material

  • Morse Theory (11 pages from Milnor's book)   (pdf)
  • On the Early History of the Singular Value Decomposition, by G.W. Stewart   (pdf)
  • Lie Groups, Representation Theory and Symmetric Spaces
    by Wolfgang Ziller (Penn Math Dept.) (pdf)
  • The Geometry of Algorithms with Orthogonality Constraints,
    by Edelman, Aris, and Smith (1998) (pdf)
  • Exponential barycenters, invariant means
    by Xavier Pennec and Vincent Arsigny (2012?) (pdf)
  • Riemannian geometry of Grassmann manifolds with a view on algorithm computation
    by Absil Mahony and Sepulchre (2003) (pdf)
  • Fitting Smooth Paths on Riemannian manifolds
    by Luis Machado and Silva Leite (pdf)
  • The Karcher mean of points on SO(n)
    by Knut Huper and Jonathan Manton (pdf)
  • Lie Group Actions on Manifolds
    by Jurgen Berndt (2003?) (pdf)
  • The greatest mathematical paper of all times (1989)
    A.J. Coleman (pdf)
  • Optimization methods on Riemannian manifolds ...
    by Wolfgang Ring and Benedikt Wirth (pdf)
  • Choice of Riemannian Metrics for Rigid Body Dynamics
    by Milos Zefran, Vijay Kumar and Chris Croke (pdf)
  • Left-Invariant Diffusions on the space of positions and orientations ...
    by Remco Duits, Vijay Kumar and Erik Franken (pdf)
  • Robust Statistics over Riemannian Manifolds for Computer Vision
    by Raghav Subbarao (2008) (pdf)

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