Rajeev Alur

Rajeev Alur

Zisman Family Professor
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania
609 Levine
3330 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389
email: alur at cis upenn edu
phone: +1 (215) 573-7483


My research is focused on formal methods for system design, and spans artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, distributed systems, logic in computer science, machine learning, and programming languages. I am the Director of ASSET (Center for AI-Enabled Systems: Safe, Explainable, and Trustworthy), and also a member of Penn's PRECISE Center and PL Club.


My current research is primarily focused on Trustworthy AI and Safe Autonomy. Autonomous systems increasingly rely on machine learning for making decisions. When such systems are used in safety-critical applications such as driverless cars and medical devices, we need guarantees regarding their safety. This motivates research on integrating logical reasoning in learning algorithms. Representative research directions are: Here are some selected contributions from my past research (complete list of publications):


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