I am privileged to work with the following group of students and postdocs.

Ph.D. Advisees

* co-advised with Rajeev Alur

1 co-advised with Joe Devietti



Graduated Ph.D. Students

  1. Xin Zhang, Ph.D., 2017
    Assistant Professor, Peking University, China
    Thesis: Combining Logical and Probabilistic Reasoning in Program Analysis
  2. Xujie Si, Ph.D., 2020
    Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Canada
    Thesis: Learning-Aided Program Synthesis and Verification
  3. Sulekha Kulkarni, Ph.D., 2020
    Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft
    Thesis: Effective Program Reasoning using Bayesian Inference
  4. Pardis Pashakhanloo, Ph.D., 2023
    Senior Software Engineer, CertiK
    Thesis: Integrating Declarative Static Analysis with Neural Models of Code
  5. Aalok Thakkar*, Ph.D., 2023
    Research Scientist, Movement Labs
    Thesis: Example-Guided Synthesis of Relational Queries
  6. Elizabeth Dinella, Ph.D., 2023
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr College
    Thesis: Neural Inference of Program Specifications

* co-advised with Rajeev Alur

Graduated Postdocs

  1. Woosuk Lee, 2016-2018
    Assistant Professor, Hanyang University, Korea
  2. Mukund Raghothaman, 2017-2019
    Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
  3. Kihong Heo, 2017-2019
    Assistant Professor, KAIST, Korea
  4. Aravind Machiry, 2020-2020
    Assistant Professor, Purdue University
  5. Yuepeng Wang *, 2020-2021
    Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
  6. Yinjun Wu, 2022-2024
    Assistant Professor, Peking University, China

* co-advised with Rajeev Alur