Information about CIS 450/550 in Spring 2021

*** Update (Jan 13) ***: The class is currently full, but permits will continue to be issued on a daily basis as space becomes available>

How do I get into the course?

If you haven't done so already, please apply to the waitlist (the URL will indicate the opening date if it isn't already open).

The waitlist is processed periodically, so applying early helps. Once you get a permit, accept or decline it as soon as possible. The permit expires after 48 hours.

Demand for this course far exceeds the available slots each semester. So we have to prioritize enrollment based on factors such as your major, graduation year, and whether you applied to the waitlist in a previous semester. We do not make exceptions for students who haven't satisfied pre-requisites (CIS 121 and CIS 160, or equivalent).

As students finalize their schedule, slots tend to open up closer to the start of the semester, and especially during first week of classes. If you would like to be added as an Observer to access the course material on Canvas, please email me ( on the first day of the semester. Thereafter, attend classes or participate online, and do the homeworks and exercises in the first week to convey your earnestness.

If you still aren't able to get in, you will be allowed to stay as an Observer for the rest of the semester and have full access to the course material.

Lastly, it helps to be flexible and make a backup plan in the event that you don't get in. The course is offered every semester, and your priority increases each semester.

I have further questions about the waitlist.

Please email

Should I sign up for 450 or 550?

The two instances of the course are identical in all respects, including content and grading. If you are already a submatriculant or accelerated Masters student, register for 550. Otherwise, register for 450, even if you later take up submatriculation / accelerated Masters; at that point, you can contact the graduate program coordinator (Redian Furxhiu) to have 450 counted towards your Masters requirement.

Can I change between 450 and 550?

You can switch between 450 and 550 upto the add/drop deadline (Feb 2) by emailing Lee Dukes at

My question isn't answered here.

Please email me at . I typically respond within 24 hours.