Joseph W. Cutler
3rd year PhD student at UPenn CIS

Hi! I'm Joseph Cutler, but feel free to call me Joe. Right now, I'm a CS PhD student at UPenn, where I research type systems with Benjamin Pierce. My work is supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

During my undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University (go Wes!), I did research with Dan Licata and Norman Danner.

I've also done research internships in PL, namely at MPI-SWS, working with Deepak Garg, and at Correct Computation, Inc. and Amazon Web Services with Mike Hicks.

Before college, I dabbled in web dev, and I spent about six total months as a full-stack intern helping to build at Flatiron School.

Outside of PL, I run for Philadelphia Runner Track Club.

You can reach me at, or take a look at my CV.

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