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Adjective Small Clause with Sentential Complement: Tnx0A1s1

This tree family is selected by adjectives that take sentential complements. The sentential complements can be indicative or infinitive. Note that these trees are anchored by adjectives, not verbs. Small clauses are explained in much greater detail in section 9.3. This section is presented here for completeness. 669 adjectives select this tree family.
able, curious, disappointed
Christy was able to find the problem .
Christy was curious whether the new analysis was working .
Christy was sad that the old analysis failed .
Declarative tree:
See Figure 6.22.


{Declarative Adjective Small Clause with Sentential Complement Tree: $\alpha$nx0A1s1


Other available trees:
wh-moved subject, wh-moved adjective how, relative clause on subject with and without comp, imperative, NP gerund, adjunct (gap-less) relative clause with comp/with PP pied-piping.

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