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This tree, which can be anchored by a comma, dash or colon, handles asymmetric (peripheral) NP appositives and NP colon expansions of NPs. Figure 24.3 shows this tree anchored by a dash and a colon. Like the symmetric appositive tree, nxPUnxpu, the asymmetric appositive cannot be a pronoun, while the colon expansion can. Thus, this constraint comes from the syntactic entry in both cases rather than being built into the tree.

ps/punct-files/ ps/punct-files/
(a) (b)

{The derived trees for an NP with (a) a peripheral, dash-separated appositive and (b) an NP colon expansion (uttered by the Mouse in \protect Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)


the bank's 90% shareholder - Petroliam Nasional Bhd. [Brown] 

...said Chris Dillow, senior U.K. economist at Nomura Research Institute . 

...qualities that are seldom found in one work: Scrupulous scholarship, a fund of personal experience,... [Brown:cc06]  (513)0(513
I had eyes for only one person : him . 

The colon expansion cannot itself contain a colon, so the foot S has the feature NP.t: <punct contains colon> = -.

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