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The symmetric (non-peripheral) tree for N-level NP appositives, is anchored by comma. The modifier is typically an address. It is clear from examples such as ((509)) that these are attached at N, rather than NP. Carrier is not an appositive on Menlo Park, as it would be if these were simply stacked appositives. Rather, Calif. modifies Menlo Park, and that entire complex is compounded with carrier, as shown in the correct derivation in Figure 24.2. Because this distinction is less clear when the modifier is peripheral (e.g. ends the sentence), and it would be difficult to distinguish between NP and N attachment, we do not currently allow a peripheral N-level attachment.
An official at Consolidated Freightways Inc., a Menlo Park, Calif., less-than-truckload carrier , said...  (509)0(509
Rep. Ronnie Flippo (D., Ala.), of the delegation, says... 


{An N-level modifier, using the $\beta$nPUnx tree


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