Re: Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages

[I recommend the following as a useful (and brief!) summary
of current work on object-oriented languages, including
relevant type systems.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator]

     Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages: Workshop Report

A workshop on the foundations of object-oriented languages was held
17th-18th October 1993 at Stanford University, California, USA.  The
workshop was organized by Kim Bruce and Giuseppe Longo and sponsored by
ESPRIT and NSF.  Participation was by invitation only.

The purpose of the workshop was both to understand and compare the many
models of object-oriented languages, and to create better language
constructs and models.  The workshop consisted both of presentations and
lively discussions about such topics as challenge problems for type
systems, relative merits of different language designs and type systems,
and encapsulation and modularity. 

A ten-page report by Andrew Black and Jens Palsberg describes the talks
given at the workshop, and contains a dictionary of object-oriented
terminology and a list of open problems and benchmarks for type
systems.  The report was printed in SIGPLAN Notices Volume 29 Nr 3
(March 1994) but lacks the final page of references.  The full report
can be obtained from